Kay Park Pond, complete with fountain

Re-opening of Kay Park Pond

The pond at Kay Park in East Ayrshire has been officially re-opened and is now being enjoyed by visitors, young and old alike.

The naturalisation project that Water Gems has been working on, has involved installing a boardwalk, creating a wetland and constructing marginal beds. Plant establishment at the site has been great, with marsh marigold, flag iris, water mint and purple loosestrife all flowering beautifully throughout the summer. The beds have provided new nesting spots and sheltered areas for wildlife, which local residents enjoy viewing from the boardwalk. Our final task at Kay Park was to install a large fountain, placed at the heart of the pond. Thankfully, we were delighted to see it start on cue at its official turning on.

East Ayrshire Leader of the Council, Douglas Reid, spoke at the official re-opening of the pond. He mentioned how popular the pond and boardwalk have become among local residents. He also believes that the site is now a haven for Kilmarnock’s communities and a great attraction for visitors.

Many thanks to East Ayrshire Council for the photos.