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Water Features

Water Gems is the market leader in the design, construction and management of water features.  We provide a full range of water features services.

All shapes and sizes

We take on a wide range of water-based work from creating small garden ponds through to the building of natural swimming pools, decks and boardwalks and the design and construction of wetlands and reed beds. We also work on SUDS schemes and the establishment of wildflower plant communities. We always use the best liner on the market which, in our opinion, is Firestone EPDM which we get from Gordon Low Products.

Herbicide Application

For local authorities and landowners with ponds or lochs, we offer herbicide application to control potentially invasive plant species such as Typha, Phragmites and various lilies and pondweed species. We have significant experience in stem injection of Japanese Knotweed.

With over 20 years’ experience across such a wide range of projects there’s not much that we haven’t designed or built, but we’re always keen to find a fresh challenge.

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We are leading specialists in the design, creation and maintenance of water features in Scotland. We were founded in 1993 by Nick and Annie Benge and have a strong academic background. We are passionate about what we do.