Boardwalks, decks and Jetties

Water Gems Carberry boardwalk


Nick Benge
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Access to wildlife

As part of our wetland work we have designed and constructed a wide range of boardwalks, platforms and jetties. These not only look stunning but have allowed the general public to get closer to the water more safely. This makes observing wildlife far easier and at the same time helps protect wildlife habitats.

Boardwalk Design solutions

We have used a variety of different materials for these viewing platforms including rough sawn timber which is less slippy than planed or ridged decking timber. We have also created hand rails in timber or stainless steel and design according to health and safety requirements.

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We are leading specialists in the design, creation and maintenance of water features in Scotland. We were founded in 1993 by Nick and Annie Benge and have a strong academic background. We are passionate about what we do.