Corten Steel

As an alternative garden construction material, Corten Steel, also known as Weathering Steel, works really well. This is not only because of the lovely burnt orange colour it turns after weathering, but it also allows you to build very thin-walled garden structures, unlike using thicker materials such as stone or traditional wooden sleepers.

Below are just a few of the projects where we have made great use of this unique material.

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Infinity Troughs Water Features

  Corten Steel Trough, water reflecting blue sky

Ravelston garden

Designed by Water Gems’ Chris Wright, where steel sheets have been used to create the thin walls in the garden.

Corten Steel  

Inveresk Village Garden

Designed by Carolyn Grohmann, where the steel has been used on the edge with the paving around the seating circle.

Inveresk Garden  Inveresk Garden



Corten Steel Trough


Rebar compost shed, Garden in Inverleith, Edinburgh by Water Gems