Water features

Water feature Shapely Pond


Stuart Booth
0131 317 8585

Infinite possibilities

Over the years we have built many different garden water features – from fountains, rills, infinity pools, cascades and water walls. Our expert and inventive team can make water jump, glide, fly or simply reflect. If you have an idea for introducing water into your garden, we can realise it for you.

Design and Build

We design and build water features, both contemporary and traditional, using a range of materials from contemporary stainless steel to the more traditional cut sandstone. We can also organise the provision of power for pumps, filters and lighting so the creation of your water feature is a complete package.

To see some examples of our work, please visit our Portfolio and Pinterest pages. For more information, or to discuss ideas for creating a water feature in your garden, please get in touch.


Water Gems are leading specialists in the design, creation and maintenance of water features in Scotland. We were founded in 1993 by Nick and Annie Benge and have a strong academic background. We are passionate about what we do.