Garden Stream East Lothian

Stream Construction Project

This project to build a stream for an East Lothian client was a very interesting challenge for us.

The construction of the stream required a lot of stone to be brought in. In fact, we needed roughly two hundred tonnes of stone to complete the project. Therefore, a team of strong guys and the use of some big machinery was the order of the day! As well as that, though, it also needed a good eye for what looks natural in the landscape. The secret is to place the stone in such a way as to create natural looking falls of water.

Getting the flow right over the stone cascades also makes a big difference. The flow in this stream is about 60,000 litres per hour. However, one thing we also had to make sure of, was that the water didn’t start eroding the banks.

We planted the edges with purple loosestrife, flag iris, water mint and water cress, which just softens it all until the grass grows back.

As long as you can get all this right, then this kind of work is very rewarding to do, and gives lovely results.

If you would like to find out more about this project, then please get in touch.