Froggy Pond Makeover by Water Gems Edinburgh

Froggy Pond Makeover

Water Gems were delighted to carry out much needed improvements to this popular pond in Dedridge, Livingston.  Funding was secured by West Lothian Council with the aim to improve the pond’s overall appearance. This also provided addition benefits of increasing the pond’s biodiversity, as well as its value for formal and informal nature study. The name Froggy Pond reflects the fondness that local people have for the pond and wildlife within it.

We have worked to clear the pond of silt and then planted it up. The pond now successfully holds water again and the mallard, coot and moorhen will enjoy their improved habitat.  The frog invasion in the spring should also be spectacular.

The pond has now been officially re-opened. Well done to Becky Plunkett of West Lothian Council for getting the grant to make it possible and for persevering with the project generally. Also thanks to Graham Bennie at Bennie Contracts for helping us with the groundworks among other things.

To find out more about the work involved in this makeover project, please get in touch. If you wish to visit the pond, please click here to locate it on a map of the Livingston area.