Froglife wildflower project

We recently completed a project to create a Froglife wildflower garden a primary school playground in Falkirk, central Scotland.
Froglife – a wildlife charity organisation, tasked us with removing a big patch of tarmac from the school playground, and creating a new, colourful wildflower garden in its place. The finished garden is full of tansy, red campion, knapweed, meadow cranesbill and St John’s wort and we look forward to seeing it flourishing and in full bloom.
This has been an unusual, but interesting project for us – the new wildflower garden should be a real asset for the school throughout the changing seasons.
To find out more about this project, please contact us, or for more information about the Froglife wildlife charity, please click here to visit their website.

Froglife wildflower garden newly planted up. Image shows earth garden with new plants, tree and pathways.Froglife wildflower garden in Falkirk school playground with new plants, tree and pathways.