Exciting new Rewilding & Biodiversity Project

We have recently started work on a project in East Lothian to increase the biodiversity value of a woodland. The wood has lots of very nice mature trees but almost no understory due to heavy browsing pressure from roe deer in particular. The plan is firstly to put up deer fencing and plant a shelter belt. Next we will protect any regenerating shrubs like holly that are there now and then add to them with hazel and other shade tolerant native shrubs. In addition a tawny owl box and lots of small bird boxes are going up just in time for nesting season. The wood is already a refuge from the bare fields that surround it but the planting and protected regeneration will fill in the missing understory, which will significantly increase the habitat for birds and small mammals. It will also create shelter from the wind which on a hillside in East Lothian is a big plus. It is a lovely project and just the kind of work we like doing.