Herons are very efficient fish catchers so if one homes in on your pond then it can be very difficult to keep your fish in one piece. Photo by Phil Johnston

Pond Tips – Protecting Fish

One of the common problems that people have with ponds over the winter (and at other times of year) is herons taking the fish. Despite information to the contrary herons are not particularly territorial and can tell the difference between a real heron and a...

Pond cleaning on a grand scale, plenty of silt here!

Pond Tips – Winter Maintenance

One of the jobs for autumn/winter is to cut back the dead growth on the marginal plants surrounding your pond. However this dead growth is quite important for both invertebrates and amphibians as an overwintering area. If possible then, leave cutting it back until the...

Here's a common toad, note the trademark horizontal iris and watch out for the poisonous skin! Photo by Phil Johnston.

Pond Tips – Amphibians

November's pond tips are all about amphibians - toads, frogs and newts. At this time of year they are all starting to hibernate. Some will do so in your pond but most will actually be out in your garden under logs or stones or at...