Callander, Froglife

We spent the last few weeks in Callander renovating and constructing new wildlife ponds and a dipping platform for Froglife. (Froglife is a British wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and their associated habitats).

With the site being so wet, we tried out a low ground pressure digger and it definitely did the trick.

There was minimal impact to the surrounding grass and the digger didn’t get stuck in the mud! 👍 Good job guys!
I’m sure the local wildlife and community will be enjoying the new and improved space! 🐸

Callander Froglife site - yellow warning signpost. Mechanical digger in the background.  Callander Froglife - mechanical digger excavating near edge of pond. Reflections of blue sky and trees in pond surface.

Callander Froglife - mechanical digger working in muddy water, excavating the pond.  Callander Froglife - site showing expanse of green grass, a pathway and trees.