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Wildlife Gardens and Biodiversity

Water Gems has a particular affinity with wildlife garden and biodiversity projects. Many of our staff are environmentalists and we have carried out numerous habitat creation projects over the last 20 years or so.


One of our specialities is transforming relatively sterile gardens, into natural wildlife havens, with ponds, stone features and wildflower beds. We work with our clients to design and build beautiful and unique havens for wildlife and humans alike. An excellent example is the transformation of this Haddington garden, originally dominated by paving slabs and artificial grass.

Haddington Garden_01      

Using local stone, we created raised planting beds, a unique walled seating area and edging around the pond and paths. We built a timber bridge leading across the pond and added deadwood path edging to enhance the natural look. Our client has done an excellent job of filling all of the planting beds with an abundance of colour and texture, which attracts the local wildlife and insects.



Over the years, Water Gems has created numerous new wildlife habitats and biodiversity hotspots across Scotland and beyond. Our team has been involved in the design, build and on-going maintenance of many informal ponds and pools. These ponds and pools attract insects, plants and wildlife and are especially important habitats for frogs and newts in particular.


We have also been involved in the naturalisation and rejuvenation of a large number of public ponds and lochs, both for councils and charities like Froglife. Our expert team has successfully completed many boardwalk and wetland projects all over the central belt.

We use native wetland plants to improve water quality and create habitat. An excellent example is the design and creation of a wetland at the Glasgow Science Centre for the 2021 COP conference.

Wetland at Beveridge Park Fife by Water Gems complete, wildflowers in bloom and area open to the public
Kay Park Boardwalk 2018
Glasgow Science Centre - COP 2021
Glasgow Science Centre - COP 2021
Glasgow Science Centre - COP 2021
Callander Park 2

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