Lovely interference patterns on this cascade.

Pond Tips – Water Features

One of the many nice things we get to do at Water Gems is play around with designing water features based on some of the strange physical properties of water. One of the best examples we know of doing this is the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. The water races round a granite ring and the combination of different flow rates with water’s properties of surface tension, adhesion and cohesion produce a fantastic variety of surprising effects. No-one has yet offered us £3.5 million to design and build a water feature but we do get to play around creating pools where the water surface sits higher than the edge of the pool and where static waves going round a rill create lovely reflected patterns. So if you are building or designing a cascade or a rill have a think about whether you can do something unusual with the water running over it.

Photo: Lovely interference patterns on this cascade.