This light coloured slab provides a striking pond edge, designed by Carolyn Grohmann

Pond Tips – Edges

Pond edges are interesting places. If you are standing at one then there should be lots to see and lots to be interested in. If you are a designer or pond builder producing an infinity or meniscus pool then the edge needs to be level to within a quarter of a millimetre or so. If you are building your own garden pond you certainly don’t need to be as accurate as that but you do need to think in advance of starting to dig how you want the edge of the pond to be. Options are: slabs for standing on; a timber jetty (for the bigger pool); a beach; a marginal planting bed; a shelf to put marginal baskets on; stones to edge the pool or big feature stones to sit up out of the water. Which of these elements you want will determine the profile of your dig. Constants are that what you do should be solid (so no one ends up in your pond by accident) and that the liner should be hidden as much as possible. So when you start to think about your new pond you could do a lot worse than start with the edges.

Photo: This light coloured slab provides a striking pond edge. Garden designed by Carolyn Grohmann.