Compressed Earth Blocks

Water Gems have been working with Earth Building UK and Ireland (EBUKI) to understand how we can use excavated subsoil to create compressed blocks for construction. This would mean earth would not need to be removed from site and would minimise the purchase new building materials.

Replacing concrete blocks with CEB manufactured from excavated earth would have a fantastic impact on any project.  This change will deliver important carbon savings, reduced waste and material transportation implications.

Next steps:

Continue collaboration with EBUKI trainers, designers, suppliers and builders.

Experiment with different CEB compositions of the earth from sites where there will be a large volume of subsoil excavated.

Get these compositions tested by MAT Test in Glasgow to broaden our knowledge and help identify the most successful block composition.

Replace concrete blocks for CEBs in large projects like the Infinity Pool project shown above.

To find out more, please contact us.

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Industrial Rebar

Rebar compost shed, Garden in Inverleith, Edinburgh by Water Gems

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Compressed Earth Blocks