Thank you for visiting our website and considering Water Gems.

I am afraid at the moment, we have so much work on within the Water team that unless you are an existing customer or have a significant project that you would like to discuss with Nick, we do not have the capacity to help you and will not be able to reply to your enquiry.

As soon as we get a little less busy we will once again be able to take on small projects and will take down this notice.

Best wishes,

Water Gems

We would love to hear from you. If your project is about landscaping, please contact Heath. If it is a water-based enquiry, please contact Nick. If you’re not sure which, just contact either of them and they will be happy to help!

To help us process your enquiry more efficiently, we ask if you can provide us with some details to get started –

  • Your location,
  • A quick description or even better a photo of your existing garden and/or water feature,
  • Any ideas or requirements for the changes and
  • The best way to contact you.

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